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Rameshwar Singh
Rameshwar Singh

Rameshwar Singh

Rameshwar Singh

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Rameshwar Singh was born on 5th February 1948, in Rajasthan (India) and received his M.A. in Drawing & Painting in 1982. He had a fascination for antiquity and passion to paint or write, which encouraged him to become an artist. In painting, he has his own style, which the buyers of his paintings, art lovers and the critics as well appreciate a lot. He started with abstracts but slowly switched to figurative paintings. He paints bold figures, bodies halved into the shapes of human, and animal, objects fly around. Critics say, he hardly leaves any empty space on canvass but tries to decorate every object with calligraphic textures, inscribed in the form of recollected images, songs, and stories. He uses different scriptures; Arabic, Persian, Urdu, English, Sanskrit & Hindi. An antique Roman clock usually features in his paintings. Sometimes he draws a line with a shadow, cutting across the canvass, which gives a sense of perspective to the painting. He depicts different forms of Lord Ganesh, Krishna, Sun, Goddess Durga and Sasasvati. His canvas paintings are unique, vibrant and inovative.


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