While consumers are becoming increasingly comfortable with online buying, we understand that art is a high value item and that it will be part of your personal space for years – and hence it is absolutely essential that you love it. We are deeply committed to building a relationship with you and would like the assure you that thecurators have:


Every artwork showcased in our virtual gallery is handpicked by us. Our motto will always be quality over quantity, so that we may offer our clients works that we believe in and would be happy to possess ourselves. We also closely monitor industry trends such that we may be able to showcase rising stars and signature names of tomorrow on our interface.


Almost all artworks on thecurators are sourced directly from the artist’s or artisan’s studio. The few works that may be sourced from partner galleries, are from well-established and highly trustworthy ones. We have strong industry relationships that have been built over a very long time and hence we are able to back the authenticity of every work we sell. The Indian art world is small and well connected, and the credibility and goodwill we enjoy in it, remain our key asset.


We hand hold our buyers in the selection process to ensure they are sure of what they are buying. Whether it be by sending multiple-images or a video of the work, we will do what it takes to garner your approval before dispatch. Having said that, if an item you purchase doesn’t arrive in good condition, we’ll make things right by finding an acceptable solution.


Since our works come directly from artists and there are no layers of dealers involved in the process, clients of thecurators are guaranteed fair pricing. Should you find discrepancy with any of our prices from another source, please bring it to our notice and we will address the issue immediately to mutual satisfaction. We are always willing to engage in a conversation about prices for any artwork you may have selected in our collection.


Sometimes there may be artwork you may have seen elsewhere and desire something similar, or a particular work you have selected which is sold, or you want it a different size thecurators uses our close relationships with artists to get you the artwork you want. While every work sold in our gallery is unique, we will be able to commission an artwork in sync with your requirements. We also offer free curatorial inputs for a particular space you may have in mind – across all genres.


Relationships mean the world to us, and we don’t want to lose the human touch because we are an online interface. We assure you exceptional service, and promise to stay connected – to guide, engage and partner your buying decision. We are conscientious about the works we sell, and hence our relationship is ongoing and does not end on completion of payment & delivery formalities.

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